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Surfing in Cornwall

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North Cornwall has a massive surf sceane
Cornwall is the surfing capital of the Uk

Cornwall is the surfing capital of the Uk with Newquay the dominant beach and party town. 

Located on the South western tip of Great Britain its climate is milder year round than much of the Country. 

Facing out into the Atlantic ocean Cornwall's coastline picks up all the surf that is out there. Famed for its rugged coast and tales of smuggling in early times, Cornwall has evolved to be the number one location for beach holidays within the uk. Cornwall has little other real industry these days with most local employment geared to tourism.

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Cornwall's greatest assets - golden beaches surrounded by rugged cliffs

This rugged north coastline is one of Cornwall's greatest assets with golden beaches surrounded by rugged cliffs and the Atlantic ocean's pounding waves, whilst the south coast offers beautiful coves , dramatic tree lined cliffs with very little waves but great opportunities for sailing and other additional water activities.

Full force of the Atlantic swells

For surfing head to the north coast, with the greatest exposure to the atlantic swells. This coast has surf virtually all year round. The sea is warm, especially in summer, as it is washed by the warm waters of the gulf stream and now with the technological advances in wetsuit technology it means these waters are accessible for surfing all year round in relative comfort. One of the best locations to experience the thrill of surfing and get a taste of what Cornwall has to offer is on the coast between Newquay and Padstow. At Waves Surf School we can provide you with the perfect introduction to this wonderful ocean environment

Waves Surf Schools location in Cornwall

Waves Surf School is based in St. Merryn located between Newquay and Padstow. Our central location allows visitors from either coast to easily access our quality surf lessons. Unlike some schools we are mobile and have the luxury of not being restricted to one beach. Prior to your lesson we assess the surf conditions to choose the most suitable beach for your lesson. This will guarantee the best possible tuition whatever the conditions. In the summer months Waves Surf School has exclusive coaching rights at Porthcothan beach with a maximum of 18 students at any one time in the water which means you'll never have to surf with the masses….bliss!

you’ll never have to surf with the masses….bliss!

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