Corporate Surf Experience

Why not come to Cornwall with your organisation and give your team a surf experience to remember. It is a great way for your team to experience the thrill of the ocean and get a taste for riding waves.  It acts as a great catalyst for conversation and team bonding. The whole experience creates a buzz which is infectious between everyone who has participated. A morale booster for all. This session is run as a private group so please get in touch to get a quote and get your group involved.


The perfect start to surfing. The initial lesson will give you a clear introduction into the sport of surfing, covering the essential aspects of safety, board handling, wave catching, taking off and wave riding. Armed with this skill-set you are well equipped to ride your first waves.

The refresher lesson is designed for students who have had a go before, whether it was a year ago or back through the mists of time!  This lesson covers the key components of the beginner lesson, with view to refreshing your skill set and getting you back on the board like it was last week!

This lesson is designed for the recreational surfer or the surfer who has been having fairly regular lessons, who by no fault of their own has got stuck in a rut and no longer feels to be making progress.  This usually require fine tuning the surfers skill set, posture development, turning and control along with new achievable goals to push the surfer to the next level.

This lesson is designed for a surfer who has some experience of riding green waves. Core skills involved will be positioning and locating for green waves, paddling and different approaches to green waves, advanced take off, positioning, wave approach, speed generation and higher performance turns.

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