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Photo Credit: James Mellor


Why come to Cornwall to Surf?

So why come to Cornwall to surf?

The County offers some of the most beautiful beaches within the UK and possibly Europe. With golden sandy bays and beaches surrounded by beautiful cliffs, whilst being washed by the Atlantic ocean.  It’s also this reason why Cornwall offers some of the most consistent surf within the UK and although not always blessed with the best weather … you’ll certainly love the place when the sun comes out!

Although some of you might have ambitions of France, Australia or even Hawaii…..  You might well think …. Why Cornwall?  But facing into the Atlantic ocean, Cornwall is fortunate to pick up any ripple out there.  It also offers the consistency of surf on most days, and in the most part provides easier and more forgiving waves for you to learn, improve and progress more rapidly in the sport of surfing.

But what about the temperature?

Although not tropical…. Cornwall offers relatively warm sea temperatures for surfing.  You probably won’t be riding waves in your shorts or bikini, but water temperatures peak between 16-18 degrees in summer so a 3/2mm Xcel suit (which we provide you with) is ample at this time of year.

For the more adventurous or hardcore we offer surf lessons throughout the year and although the water is cooler we offer you Xcel winter suits, along with boots and gloves when necessary, to keep you toasty warm and ensure you’ll have fun in the waves regardless of the season.

So which beaches do we teach on?

Waves Surf School is based in St Merryn, located between Newquay and Padstow.  Our central location ensures that visitors from either coast can easily access our quality surf lessons. Whats more, Waves Surf School is mobile, which ensures we find you the best conditions to surf.

We are licensed by Cornwall Council to surf at Mawgan Porth, Porthcothan Bay, Constantine Bay, Boobys Bay and Harlyn Bay.  Although in relatively close geographical location, all these beaches face different directions and pick up more or less surf accordingly which allows us to find the best surf for you.

So what are you waiting for … pick up the phone or drop us a line and we can get you booked in on your first or your next surf adventure.

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